I have always had a romantic affection for my heritage as a French Canadian growing up on a centennial farm in the prairie fields of Manitoba. Even more than just the stories of early settlers, voyageurs and fur traders that populated both sides of the family lineage was the draw that resulted from the ability to trace the roots of my father’s paternal family back generation by generation to the coast of Normandie in the 17th century and Claude Bouchard's decision to hop on a boat in 1652 headed for Nouvelle France.

As a young teen I would proclaim my intention of one day descending on Paris and the French countryside to discover firsthand the bicycles, baguettes and berets in their native existence. By the age of 17 I had achieved just that. Through a twist of fate I ended up imposing myself on some friends of friends. Arriving on their doorstep within a few days notice to the rolling hills & agricultural fields Aisne, close to the nearby town of Soissons.

Since I have made my way back to this tiny corner, my lovely host family, and my favorite home away from home in northeastern France over a dozen times in the last 18 years. Each time absorbing more of this place and culture I appreciate so much - camera in tow.

It’s from this lifetime of shared moments with this place, and my bilingual heritage that Lilou Lifestyle Co. was born. A little bit French, a little bit English (Canadian!) and a lot of my personal aesthetics, influences, romanticism, and humor spilling out onto page after page.

Lilou is a collection of original writing, photography & digital art. 
A silly, sincere, & stylish lifestyle brand offering you apparel & home accents - inspired by the French escapades of their creator. We aim to share this love of all things chic with you through our boutique of original designs!

I hope you like what you find here. A true passion project, this is all the best of me & my story – all in one place.

Bisous my lovelies,

Alexandra Bouchard
Founder / Creator
Lilou Lifestyle Co.
Victoria, BC, Canada